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Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Camera Inspection

Find and Prevent Hidden Sewer Pipe Problems in Minneapolis St Paul

Our video inspection camera goes down into your sewer line so that you can find the source of hidden problems and fix them once and for all. It also helps identify potential sewer problems that could arise in the future.

We pinpoint water and sewer line problems and prevent new ones

Our video inspection camera goes right into your drain or water line to see the exact source of potential sewer or water line problems. The images are transferred to our computer for complete drain and sewer analysis. This eliminates guesswork when diagnosing sewer and drain problems. We can visually confirm the cause of your sewer drain problem.

  • Camera on snorkel pinpoints drain and sewer pipe problems
  • Computerized to identify precise, underground location
  • Video sewer line inspection is a good idea prior to purchasing an older home
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Need a sewer line repair or have another plumbing problem?

Minneapolis St. Paul Plumbing has the expertise, knowledge and skills to diagnose and fix and plumbing or sewer problem in your home. Schedule a plumbing repair.

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Sewer Camera Inspection