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Haier Ductless AC Installer in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Haier Ductless AC Installer in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Other Haier Installers Don't Give You the Best Options. We Do.

For 100 years, we've hired only the best techs to serve Minneapolis-St. Paul homeowners. Our certified Haier installers have the knowledge, tools and experience to give you the best ductless AC options for your home.

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Why go with Haier?

Whether you need to cool your entire house or make one room just a bit more comfortable in Minnesota summers, Haier ductless AC can give you countless combinations of features, performance and value.

With Haier units, Minneapolis-St. Paul homeowners get:

  • Energy-saving cooling. From inverters to six-step fans, every component in Haier units work to give you more efficient cooling.
  • Faster cooling. Tired of waiting for your home to cool? Haier's Turbo Mode briefly maxes out system speeds to cool your home in half the time.
  • Stable and precise temperatures. Keep room temperatures closer to your desired level at all times. Haier units limit temperature changes and ensure great performance even in hot weather.
  • Natural breeze effects. Bring the best of the outdoors in your home. The 3D Airflow feature simulates both horizontal and vertical movements of natural wind.
  • Allergens and odor control. Safely reduce dust, pollen, mites, viruses, bacteria and odor-causing gases in the air with easy-to-clean filters.
  • Quiet operation. Reduce the sound of the indoor unit to the softness of a whisper—literally.
  • Centralized control. Set weekly programs, check detailed system settings and control up to 16 indoor units from one LED screen controller.
  • Auto restart. If you have a power outage, your unit will automatically restore pre-programmed schedules or settings.

Interested in getting a Haier ductless AC for your home? Our trained and certified ductless experts will help.

Haier Ductless AC Installer in Minneapolis-St. Paul