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What Happens If Your Furnace Breaks Down?

Imagine coming home, walking in the door expecting a rush of comfortable, warm air, and instead, you’re met with a freezing cold house. Your furnace broke down - what do you do now? What is the RIGHT move to make and how do you figure out what your SAFEST next steps are? Lucky for you, MSP is here!

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Here are three steps you can take in the event that your furnace breaks down during the winter months.

Check The Power:

Checking to see if anything else, besides your furnace, is out in your home due to a power outage is a good first step. If you have a furnace, even if it is a natural gas furnace, it runs on electricity. If a power outage occurred, it probably shut down more than a few of the electric-run items in your home - microwaves, fridges and alarm clocks to name a few.

Inspect Your Unit:

Inspecting your furnace, surrounding areas and other parts of your system can help identify the problem BEFORE the professionals arrive. If it is safe to do so, ensure that the outdoor vents and filters are cleared. Additionally, check to make sure that things like electrical panels, bolts, handles or switches are intact, secure and dry. Alert your service technician immediately if there are signs of liquid or debris in or around your furnace.

Stay Warm!

While you’re waiting for our MSP team to arrive, stay warm by drinking warm liquids (the obvious being our favorites: coffee, hot cocoa or apple cider), wearing layers, keeping the doors sealed AND using space heaters or your fireplace safely. If you’re able to, visiting a friend’s home or staying at a family member’s house who has a working furnace may be your best bet for comfort!

Preventative care is so important for keeping your furnace in the best shape possible. Taking care of your furnace, even when it’s not in constant use, can prevent any issues from getting worse and recognize potential problems before they occur. If you don’t have the time to check or you don’t feel safe doing it on your own, then let us do it for you with a furnace tune-up! Feel free to give us a call at 651-228-9200 to schedule an appointment today!

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