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And the Diagnosis is…(Diagnosing Your Furnace Problems)

With many things, knowing all of the details upfront saves you time, money and various inconveniences. With the winter season in full swing, it is important to know what exactly is making us sick, right? The same goes for your furnace. It’s time to go to the furnace doctor so you can diagnose your sick furnace and know exactly what’s going on with it.

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In this article, you will learn:

  • Telltale signs of a furnace problem
  • Steps to take before calling a repairman
  • When you require the expertise of a pro

Unusual noises

Your first case is a noisy furnace. Stranger things may be happening than just a few rattles here and there with your unit. If your furnace is constantly shaking, rattling, or squeaking, that’s a huge sign that something is wrong. Typical causes of this can be a mechanical problem within the system, clogged hardware, or in many cases, airflow reduction.

Diagnosis: Leave mechanical issues to your service technician. Make sure to always clear your filters and vents monthly to increase efficiency.

Faulty thermostats:

The next case of a faulty furnace is the scenario of a faulty thermostat. Typically, faulty thermostats are known for causing issues such as fan motor problems or low heat functionality. In layman’s terms, a malfunctioning thermostat can mess with your home’s temperature and therefore, your comfort levels.

Diagnosis: This small problem can potentially turn into a BIG one. Call your service technician at (651-228-9200)!

Changes in temperature:

Any consistent change in temperature caused by your home’s heating system can mean a variety of things. As mentioned above, a faulty thermostat can contribute to the overall comfort level of your home as well as clogged vents or ducts that can decrease the heat output into your home. If your furnace is the wrong size or model, this can also affect the temperature in your home.

Diagnosis: There could be an issue with your gas or pilot light, depending on the symptoms. For a case like this, make sure to have your ducts cleaned to ensure open airflow. You should contact your technician to ensure maximum efficiency.

Inconsistent Furnace Blower:

Finally, a constant-running furnace blower. In most scenarios, this indicates an issue with the limit switch which is a mechanism that controls when heat is pushed through your home to avoid overheating or underheating your home.

Diagnosis: This case almost always points to a professional service, don’t wait to get this issue taken care of.

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Congratulations! You can now properly diagnose your furnace with these four common issues. In all cases where you’re unsure though, make sure to call us at 651-228-9200 so we can service your system safely and professionally all year long!

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