Do You Have Low Water Pressure In Your St. Paul MN Home?

A common problem that I hear customers call about is low water pressure in their home. Reasons for low water pressure are:

  • Water softener is plugged and needs to be cleaned or replaced.
  • Aerator on the faucet is clogged with minerals and needs to be cleaned.
  • Water coming from the city coming into the house is off.
  • Minerals from the water heater come loose and clog a hot water line.
  • Galvanized pipes are clogged due to water chemicals reaction to the metal.

The first four reasons are relatively cheap and quick to resolve. The last item, galvanized plumbing pipes requires a much more intrusive and expensive solution, or does it?

For many years doing a re-water or water pipe replacement was expensive, invasive and time consuming. It required large holes in your walls which would need to be repaired, two to three days of plumbers in your house and thousands of dollars.

Today with the advent of flexible pipe, commonly called Wirsbo or Pex the damage to your walls is greatly reduced. Most new homes are piped with flexible piping for quicker construction and reduce the possibility of theft of the pipe. Pipe can be run inside the walls from the basement up to fixtures or from the plumbing fixtures down to the basement. Small holes can be made instead of big holes at the plumbing fixtures. Clamped fittings are used at the piping connections instead of using a torch and solder. All this results in a shorter amount of time in your house. Plus flexible pipe does not break if it freezes.

Licensed quality plumbing contractors have been using flexible pipe for a number of years now. This is another reason to choose carefully when selecting your plumbing company. St. Paul Plumbing & Heating services can help increase water pressure in your home. We service all of St. Paul and the suburbs of Roseville, Arden Hills, North Oaks, Shoreview, White Bear Lake, Vadnais Heights, Mendota Heights, West St. Paul, South St. Paul, Eagan, Oakdale, Woodbury, Maplewood and Cottage Grove, MN.

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