Busiest Day For Drain Cleaning in MN? Turkey Day!

Cause of Drain Cleaning Problems

Ahhh, Thanksgiving Day.  Family, food, football, more food and clogged drains.  Broken garbage disposals and clogged kitchen sinks have become as much of a tradition of Thanksgiving as family and food.

The busiest day for plumbing and drain cleaning companies is the day after Thanksgiving.  Our phones will be ringing off the hook from home owners who have clogged up their drain with left over turkey and the fixings. TV news stations will be requesting to meet us at homes to talk about the clogged drains.

The second most calls for clogging is toilets.  Large gatherings result in a larger use of the toilets in homes.  The extra usage will overwhelm the facilities and waste main line.

While there isn’t too many ways to prevent the toilet from clogging other than having a toilet that does not clog, below are some tips for preventing clogged kitchen sinks.

  • Garbage Disposal – Run lots of water when using the garbage disposal.  Make sure you run the water a few seconds after you turn the disposal off to flush the food.  Start the disposal before you put food into the disposal.
  • Turkey Left Overs – Consider throwing the extra food in the garbage instead of in the sink.  The less you run down your sink the less chance of a clog.
  • Use Cold Water – When pouring grease down the sink, use cold water instead of hot.  That way the grease will not harden half down the drain.
  • Use BioClean – An organic drain maintaining product that helps keep drains clear of  waste.

Everybody here at Minneapolis Saint Paul Plumbing Heating  Air hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving with the knowledge that we are here in case you need us.

3 Responses to Busiest Day For Drain Cleaning in MN? Turkey Day!

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  • Chris says:

    Thanks for the great tips!

    Do you know what I can do to keep my disposal from smelling? I have tried a number of things, but the smell always comes right back! It is getting a little overwhelming, and I am tired of my son always complaining about it!

  • There are a few options for you. Something is sitting in your drain either in the trap or farther down. One idea is baking soda that you may have in your refrigerator. Pour that down with plenty of water while running the disposal. Another option is a product from your store. It is designed to be put into the disposal and foams up until it is all clean.

    One last option that you can use on all your drains is a product called Bio Clean which many plumbers sell. It is organic compound that eats away grease and waste. That will take a number of days to work.

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